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I want to bring a slightly different aspect to being a coach. Many people I know that use coaches, tend to just email back and forth and send the data from their rides. I want to physically ride with the people that I coach and see the gains that they have achieved. Personally, I feel there is no substitute for one on one instruction for getting the most out of one’s self.


Ann and I kebler passHere are some of the things we’ll focus on when you hire Colorado Cycling Adventures for your training & coaching:

  • Determining where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Developing a training plan
  • Regular training rides to determine progress and work on skills
  • Recovery techniques
  • Compression boots are available (speeds up recovery)
  • Motor pacing in order to get your top end ready for racing
  • Currently holding a USAC level 3 coaching license
  • If you’re only in town for a short time, I’m also available for hourly training rides

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If you’re ready to increase your fitness and have fun in a beautiful place while doing it, contact me today so we can get started!