2016 S Works Venge Vias

old and newLike I said in the last review, fast and quick.  These two things are very different.  Where the Tarmac was quick then fast, this bike was fast then quick.  Once you get on this bike and get it up to around 22-23 mph, it just feels easy.  You can feel the deep 64mil rims slicing through the air.  Bikes like this make the coolest sounds at speed.  At times, I felt like I was piloting a TT bike.  The shapes and the stiffness reminded me of my Trek Speed concept.defeet works copy

I’ve heard some chatter about the brakes on this bike.  For me, the brakes worked as well as I needed them to.  I can not speak about a race situation as this was my first time riding this missile.  This was my third day in a row on the bike and I was feeling somewhat fatigued.  I through my leg over the Venge and started pedaling. Boom, 25mph.  This was going to be a fun ride!

I departed from Westminster and headed to the Boulder bubble, the Mecca, Btown.  There’s a reason everyone loves to ride there.  Long stretches of road with every type of terrain you could ask for.  Since I did a bunch of climbing the day before on the Tarmac and this was an aero bike, I stayed away from the hills.  Mile after mile ticked by and it all felt very easy.  At one point I thought, how could you not win races on this thing?low dirt

A TT bike that was somewhat comfortable, could handle corners and actually brake.  That’s what I kept coming up with as I rode the Vias.  I ended up spending 3 1/2 with this beast and didn’t want to give it back.  At 13k, it had better be fast, but I would not buy this bike if it was the only thing I had to ride.  I like to do too many silly things on the bike and I’m not sure this could handle all that i would ask of it.  If you want to go fast with less effort and crush the dreams of the other cyclists you’ll be passing, get down to your LBS and pick one up.  You won’t be disappointed.flower tower