Custom Trips

The great thing about cycling in colorado is that there are so many fantastic areas to ride within close proximity to each other. Since we would be leaving from Denver, most areas that we would be traveling to only take a few hours or less to get to. The weather here in Colorado can change quite a bit and quickly. I will try my best to set up ride times and distances to maximize favorable conditions. A little “go with the flow” is important here. Many times the conditions will be great where we are, but sometimes good weather can be a short drive away. If you want to discover new roads or revisit past favorites, having a once in a lifetime experience while in Colorado is paramount to me.

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Booking a custom trip with Colorado Cycling Adventures

The easiest way to get started is to contact me so we can begin planning your trip.  Getting to know a bit more about you allows me to start building a one of a kind route and trip suited to your favorite type of riding.

Next to good rest, getting a good breakfast is very important. We’ll start the day by getting fueled up for the road ahead. There is rarely an overwhelming need to get an early start on the bike. Some of this can be played by ear as the start time may depend on weather and distance to be traveled. Once we are on the bike, you can expect to make stops for food and water at stores along the route. If there is a desire to stop somewhere for an extended lunch, we can do that too.

After we have completed the riding for the day, there will be time to clean up and rest before eating dinner. The remainder of the day can be spent however one would like.

  • Trips can range from 1 to 7 days in length
  • I can accommodate groups of 1-4 people
  • I offer different pricing levels to the trips.  If you are willing to camp, this will be the most affordable option.  Hotels/motels can always be worked into the trip, but will increase the cost.
  • Camping out of a Sprinter van allows for an extremely comfortable means of travel.  There is plenty of room to accommodate for the creature comforts.
  • Both road and mountain bike trips are available
  • Whether you want to do a training camp, explore new roads, or follow the US Pro Challenge around the state for a week, I can provide a fun and safe environment that ensures an unforgettable experience


The most important thing to me is to make my services affordable.  I’ve done trips in the past and was left wondering why I paid so much $$$.

  • Hourly Rate: $30.00 per hour

Let me take all the guess work out of route finding.  Just tell me what type of riding you want to do and away we go.  It’s been my experience that there’s no substitute for local knowledge.  Finding the safest and most fun terrain is my highest priority.

  • Daily Rate: $300.00 per person

This would be assuming that we would be camping.  I will supply everything you’ll need with the exception of a sleeping bag.  Finding unique camping spots and waking to incredible views only adds to the adventure.





Interested in learning more about a Custom Cycling Adventure? Use our contact form to request more information.