Welcome to Colorado Cycling Adventures!

I love the feeling I get when I can show someone something new, and can experience it with them. My goal is to show people the state of Colorado from the seat of a bicycle while having fun and improving fitness along the way. I’ve been a huge fan of the bike since I was a youngster and have been racing road and mountain bikes on an amateur level since 2011.

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For me, the bicycle represents freedom, discovery, and adventure.  As a child I had the most fun doing things on my bike, with friends.  It’s funny how not much changes as time goes by.  When you’re on your bike, you can be who you want to be and express yourself through your riding.  Let’s be honest here though, we all like to pretend we’re our favorite rider doing what he or she does best.


Since I moved here from another state, I try to never take Colorado for granted.  The city of Denver, the foothill mountains, and especially the high country of Colorado deserves to be explored.  I’ve lived here almost 20 years and I’m still exploring.  Whether you want to do epic bike rides though the mountains or a couple of hours of training while in town for a few days, let me show you what Colorado Cycling Adventures has to offer.

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